Amphora Vape Pen Protective Case (Nylon / Charcoal)

0.09 kg

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Protect, organize and carry your CBD experience in a stylish and versatile Amphora Protective case. Our protective vape case offers security and portability to your CBD experience.  

You'll want to make sure your vape pen is safe, and CBD oil cartridges are protected. The most stylish and discrete way of doing this is to store your vape device in a case with your favourite CBD effects-based Infused Amphora vape formulas. Whether you’re using your case simply as a place to store all your vaping items in one spot or to take along with you in your active lifestyle, every vape user can benefit from the peace of mind this protective case gives.


Cases are designed to protect two (2) Infused Amphora vape battery and two (2) of your favourite CBD infused vape cartridges. 

  • Case exterior dimensions 17.78cm L x 8.64 cm W x 3.81cm D
  • Versatile accessory pouch
  • Integrated bands to keep your pens and carts in place and secure
  • Concealed zipper
  • Molded EVA with durable water-resistant nylon outer layer
  • Weight 90g
  • One (1) year limited warranty